Waterfalls Cascade Down Uluru As Severe Weather Brings Heavy Rain

Some of the animals have made a name for themselves, with employees at the national park showcasing a sassy group of native burrowing frogs that became too active at the Cultural Centre building that they set off the security alarms.

NSW Weather: Storms Bring Hail, Rain and Damaging Winds

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has issued a severe thunderstorm alert for areas spanning Bourke all the way to Tumbarumba as well as Canberra and Queanbeyan following a daylong of destructive and “widespread” winds, large-sized hail and heavy rainfall on Monday.

Roofs Of Homes Torn Off As Storm Rips Through Geelong

The city’s western suburbs were battered by severe winds and heavy rainfall early morning of Wednesday, leaving some of the residents with uninhabitable houses and many more with significant damages on their roofs.

Thunderstorm Brings Asthma Risk to Bendigo Region

People with a history of asthma or hay fever are at most risk and should avoid exposure to storms particularly the strong winds that precede them

Brisbane Smashed By Golf Ball Sized Hail Stones And Damaging Winds

The wild storm left several people with serious injuries and resulted in widespread damage to property.