Hailstorm Aftermath: Widespread Damage To Central QLD Revealed

Insurance claims are coming in fast after the monstrous hailstorm that pelted through Central Queensland on Sunday, with the State Emergency Services (SES) warning that the damage could take months to repair.

Video: Catastrophic Hailstorm In Queensland

As of the 22nd of November, insurers have received 15,870 claims, including 11,199 motor vehicle associated claims. Losses have been estimated at a value of $120 million, these numbers are still expected to increase.

Severe Storm In Southeast Queensland Brings Relief for Bushfires

The severe storm cells were first detected on the radar for Sunday afternoon in the Somerset and South Burnett region and continued to hit many centres throughout the evening.

Hailstorm Labelled as a Catastrophe by the Insurance Council of Australia

A hailstorm impacted communities throughout Southeast Queensland, earlier this week the ICA informed the public that it has been declared a catastrophe.

Hail Damage: Sunshine Coast calculates cost of the Hailstorm

After the destructive hailstorm in Southeast Queensland over the weekend, there has been an estimated $40 million worth of insurance claims made by Queenslanders with severe car and property damage.

Damage Costs and claims Escalating: Storm and Fire Catastrophes

The Insurance Group Australia has obtained more than 548 claims for bushfire associated damages and more than 1718 claims from the Queensland hailstorm.

Extreme hailstorm and destructive winds obliterate Southeast Queensland

The Sunshine Coast was especially affected by the hailstorm, reports state that lightening strikes have caused further fires in numerous suburbs.