How We Have Built A Virtual Workforce In Brisbane

The traditional office is avoidable in today’s modern business environment. With the emergence of advanced mobile technology, professionals can now work from anywhere including on the go—on the road, at home, at their favourite joint or any place with good internet connection.

Condemned NSW Government Fails To Reform NSW Building Rules

NSW Building Rules failed residents of Sydney after cracks seen in the 34-storey Opal Tower in Sydney’s Olympic Park just before the festive season led to evacuation of hundreds of residents. The tower’s deplorable condition has now turned the focus to the building regulation in NSW, raising concerns as to whether Australia will be left with a trail of sub-standard buildings considering the recent housing boom in the country.

10 Step Guide to Protect Your Home from Storm Damage

A tiny opening is enough to get wind underneath your shingles or siding and actually rip them off. And in case of high winds, cyclones and tropical storms, a tiny opening within your door or window could break, allowing more wind into the home; thereby compromising the roof.