South East Queensland Storms Wreak Havoc On Homes

The State Emergency Service (SES) reported they had received call-outs to 134 houses on Tuesday night as the strong storm ravaged through the Greater Brisbane.

Plan For An Emergency: Storms And Storm Season

Storms can be catastrophic with widespread damage but on the other hand, they can deliver the much-needed relief especially at the end of a hot, summer day.

Australia May Take Massive Economic Hit From Climate-fuelled Weather

he Climate Council noted that the effects of floods, fires, storms, droughts and sea level rise relating to climate change could increase into the future, possibly costing Australia’s economy up to $100 billion each year by 2038.

Storms And Golf Ball-sized Hail Hit Queensland – While Snow Falls In NSW

Most of the buildings plunged into darkness were mostly in the Moreton Bay and the Sunshine Coast regions.

Horsham Hit By ‘Fierce’ Tornado After Huge Storm Hits Victoria

Numerous homes in the area were seriously damaged by the tornado carrying wind gusts with speeds of between 138 and 177km/h.

Storm Safety – Everything You Need To Know!

When a severe storm hits, stay indoors and away from windows or other openings. Move to the strongest and safest part of the house, in most cases the cellar or bathroom. If the storm finds you outdoors, run to any emergency shelter and never shelter under a tree.

Temperatures Soar To 40 Degrees In Western Sydney

Penrith is scorching with the hottest day in the western parts of the city

Perth Weather Turns Wet As Catastrophic Bushfire Risk Brought By Storm

The storm triggered a warning from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services advising people living in Western Australia’s southwest, Great Southern and South Coastal as well as in Central Wheatbelt and Lower West districts to take immediate steps to mitigate the risks.  

Perth Weather: Showers, Hail Smashes November Average

the current weather was synonymous with winter but not typical for this time of the year

Hail Rips Through Burnett And Bureau Of Meteorology Forecasts More Supercells

He said the slight storm only lasted for about half an hour, but dumped 23mm