Late Autumn Storms Bring Heavy Rain, Possible Hail To SEQ

A band of heavy storms battered the region last Tuesday night as 51mm of rainfall soaked Forestdale in Logan in just 30 minutes.

7 Solar System Worlds Where The Weather Is Crazy

Our solar system is host to some wild and amazing weather, with its storms being more horrifying in scale than anything ever seen on Earth. From hurricanes on Jupiter that date back to centuries to dangerous winds experienced on Neptune, let’s just say if you were to leave planet earth today, you would be shocked to the point of dropping back to Earth.

Rain And Storms In The Tropics While Cold Front Continues

A cold front is causing rapid winds and rain to southeast of New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria.

Bureau Of Meteorology Predicts Wet And Wild Weather

Sydney has experienced a chilly start of the week after a southerly current arrived in town on Sunday ahead of the forecast week long of falls over the city.

Video: 8 Simple Things You Can Do Now To Prepare For A Storm

Below are 8 simple steps to take now to prepare your home or property and minimise potential damage during a dangerous storm.

Four Lows Surrounding Australia Forecast To Bring Heavy Rain

The combined effect of these four low-pressure systems is rainfall in various parts of the state and territory for the remaining part of the week through to early next week.

Warnings For Storms And Flash Flooding In Three States

Heavy showers capable of causing flash flooding are expected to continue in Cape York Peninsula over the central regions of the Peninsula district.

Severe Weather Warning As Cyclone Develops Off Queensland Coast

As the system forms, heavy showers are forecast for the western parts of Cape York Peninsula for the rest of the week with possible 150 to 200mm expected each day for several days.

Video: Be Prepared For Queensland Storms And Cyclones?

Despite being a Sunshine State, it’s not always bright with blue skies. There are times when nature dictates conditions and rain and storms show up. As such, we have prepared some helpful tips to get you prepared effectively for future storms and cyclones in Queensland.

What Christmas Day’s Weather Looks Like Where You Live

Early forecasts seen by indicate that Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane and Darwin will be mostly cloudy with rainfall, as storms are forecast in some cities.