Heatwave To Hit Southeast And Central Queensland This Week

According to one meteorologist Jonathan How, maximum temperatures ranging between 6C and 12C above average during this time of the year have been forecast over the next couple of days.

Video: 8 Simple Things You Can Do Now To Prepare For A Storm

Below are 8 simple steps to take now to prepare your home or property and minimise potential damage during a dangerous storm.

Ice From Above: Toward A Better Understanding Of Hailstorms

With their formation beginning with some tiny frozen embryos present in thunderstorm, hailstones can grow to at least 10 centimeters in diameter in just a few minutes, before dropping to the ground and damaging crops, vehicles and property.

Severe Weather Warning Issued For Sydney As Heavy Rain Continues

Apparently, a pipe beneath the pathway collapsed due to the weight exerted by the sodden soil.

Relief On Fraser Island At Last, La Niña Brings Heavy Rain

Queensland has returned a large air tanker borrowed from the New South Wales Rural Fire Service (NSWRFS) to support efforts geared towards combating the blaze which had burned for more than six weeks.

Records Set To Tumble As Heatwave Continues Across Queensland

The sweltering conditions will linger on in Queensland throughout the week. Clear skies and a dormant air mass will cause very hot conditions set to prevail for many days in southern Queensland.  

Queensland BOM Forecast Predicts Fast And Furious Thunderstorms

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), the thunderstorms could resemble the dangerous weather that caused damage to homes and ripped off roofs earlier this month in Springfield Lakes, southwest of Brisbane.

Perth Weather Turns Wet As Catastrophic Bushfire Risk Brought By Storm

The storm triggered a warning from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services advising people living in Western Australia’s southwest, Great Southern and South Coastal as well as in Central Wheatbelt and Lower West districts to take immediate steps to mitigate the risks.  

Line Of Storms Stretching Across Several States To Bring Wet Weather

Warm air tracking ahead of the trough will deliver a warm day for New South Wales as a high-pressured ridge keeps Queensland and southwest WA clear.

Severe Warnings End After Queensland Smashed by Wild Weather

Heavy showers continue to pound various parts of the state even as the expected “very dangerous” and “life-threatening” thunderstorms ceased, according to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).