Temperatures Soar To 40 Degrees In Western Sydney

Penrith is scorching with the hottest day in the western parts of the city

Firefighters Watch Fraser Island Burn As Queensland Heatwave Continues

Temperatures similar to those of summer and heightened fire dangers are also predicted in most parts of Victoria and South Australia today.

Queenslanders Warned To Prepare For A Weekend Of Extreme Weather

Heavy thunderstorms are expected across most parts of the state tomorrow before high temperatures set in during the weekend.

Storms Lash Parts Of Queensland As Heatwave Comes To An End

Peak temperatures in Queensland ranged between 5-8 degrees Celsius above the average, as Ipswich hit 35 degrees Celsius with Mt Isa peaking at 40 degrees Celsius.

Catastrophe Declared In Queensland Over $50m Hail Damage

Very dangerous thunderstorms battered the southeastern parts of the state on Saturday, thrashing some areas with tennis ball-sized hailstones.

Queensland Storms Forecast Again, But Now There’s A Risk Of Fires

Non-stop heavy showers, damaging hail and strong winds caused a power outage in more than 5,000 households and led to flash flooding in various areas.

BOM Forecasts Flooding, Hail And Damaging Winds

The La Niña is announcing its arrival with heavy moisture coming in from the Coral Sea and as this moisture collides with central Australia’s instability, it’s set to cause widespread thunderstorms in the continent’s eastern half later this week.

“Fire Breathing Dragon Of Clouds” Among Rising Thunderstorm Risks

Huge fires can be dangerous, forming their own weather systems, and bringing about powerful winds and numerous lighting that could fuel the intensity of fires while transferring them towards new fuel sources

What Are The Different Types Of Thunderstorms? What To Know!

These storms are usually triggered by the heating experienced during a summer afternoon. Sometimes the single-cell storms bring about brief lightning and heavy rain.

Thunderstorm Basics – What Everyone Should Know!

Globally, there are about 16 million thunderstorms every year, and at any given time, there are approximately 2,000 thunderstorms in the making. The U.S. alone records roughly 100,000 thunderstorms each year.