Extreme Weather Event Could Bring Rain, Hail And Snow To SE Australia

A cut-off low is capable of causing a dynamic blend of wild weather featuring heavy rainfall, destructive winds, severe thunderstorms, hail, snow and dangerous surf.

Waterfalls Cascade Down Uluru As Severe Weather Brings Heavy Rain

Some of the animals have made a name for themselves, with employees at the national park showcasing a sassy group of native burrowing frogs that became too active at the Cultural Centre building that they set off the security alarms.

Bureau Of Meteorology Predicts Wet And Wild Weather

Sydney has experienced a chilly start of the week after a southerly current arrived in town on Sunday ahead of the forecast week long of falls over the city.

Tropical Cyclone Niran Upgraded To Category 2 As Winds And Rain Soak

The system has already dumped heavy showers throughout the region with Clump Point receiving 276mm and Davies Reef recording 227mm in just 24 hours.

Australia May Take Massive Economic Hit From Climate-fuelled Weather

he Climate Council noted that the effects of floods, fires, storms, droughts and sea level rise relating to climate change could increase into the future, possibly costing Australia’s economy up to $100 billion each year by 2038.

Severe Warnings End After Queensland Smashed by Wild Weather

Heavy showers continue to pound various parts of the state even as the expected “very dangerous” and “life-threatening” thunderstorms ceased, according to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

NSW Weather: Storms Bring Hail, Rain and Damaging Winds

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has issued a severe thunderstorm alert for areas spanning Bourke all the way to Tumbarumba as well as Canberra and Queanbeyan following a daylong of destructive and “widespread” winds, large-sized hail and heavy rainfall on Monday.

Sydney, Perth Weather Forecast: Five Weather Events Set To Hit Australia

The wild weather spectacle is far from over, with bureau of meteorologist (BOM) warning that storms, snow, wind, rain, freezing temperatures and violent seas were all on the menu.

NSW Prepare For Gale-Force Winds And Rain For Sydney Till Weekend

The South Coast of NSW is set to be bombarded by about 100mm of rain on Monday as a combination of strong winds, heavy rains and dangerous surfs are set to hit Sydney on Tuesday.

Australia Cops Extreme Weather: Snow, Flash Floods, Hail And Winds

An alert has been issued to some areas in Victoria for impending hail, flash floods and damaging winds which are expected to stretch through to the weekend, along with wind gusts of speeds of 120km/h and dampening rains measuring up to 15mm.