Antarctic Blast To Bring Cold Weather, Rain And Snow To SE Australia

Hobart, Sydney and Melbourne are set to experience their first winter starting tomorrow as cyclones cause havoc in Western Australia.  

Coldest Morning Of 2021 In Sydney, Brisbane And Canberra

Capital cities along the east coast shivered through the beginning of winter today as Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney woke up to their chilliest morning since the start of the year.

Will There Be A Spike In Coronavirus Cases Over Winter?

We all know what winter days are synonymous with a few things—runny noses, heavy jumpers and rounds of hot coffee, but then a fresh concern is emerging over Australia’s low level yet continuous community transmission of the coronavirus.

Winter Begins With A Vicious Start As Winds Bring Trees Down

The cold front tracking through the south-east and accompanied by highly damaging wind gusts moving at 100km/h will affect parts of Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and South Australia.

Winter Is Coming: Queensland Temperatures Plummet This Weekend

Queensland is one the Australian States that enjoys the best weather year round with four seasons—Summer, winter, autumn and spring.  The sunny days, cool ocean breezes, warm waters and a rather comfortable climate certainly make Australia a popular itinerary for many people from across the globe.

Australia Is Officially ‘On The Brink’ Of ‘Apocalyptic’ Weather

The Arctic is all lit! Boggled? I bet. Well, the Antarctica is truly experiencing a sudden heat wave, a sure confirmation of an impending rainfall catastrophe in Australia.

Forecaster Predicts This Season to be One of Australia’s Coldest Winters

Australia could soon be left shivering from a biting chilly winter and should expect a dangerous tropical cyclone carrying the greatest destruction of this century, according to predictions of one contentious weather pundit.

Storms across the Americas Cause Losses Amounting to Millions

The harsh winter weather experienced in the central and eastern parts of the United States has resulted in losses amounting to millions of dollars from property damage, according to the latest global catastrophe report from Impact Forecasting.

How Cold Weather Affects An Electric Car – Ask A Cold Weather Expert

According to Keyser, batteries installed in her Model S are more powerful than the tiny 12 volt batts used in most non-electric vehicles. While it drains out some energy during winter, it doesn’t feature a huge chunk of an internal combustion engine that must be ignited in the morning after freezing throughout the night.