How Is The Coronavirus Covid-19 Outbreak Affecting Australia’s Economy?

Retailers are preparing for the possibility of product shortages and drop in prices as Chinese factories cease operations. Commsec Senior Economist Ryan Felsman says that the severity of the impact felt by factory shutdowns remain unknown.

Why Should You Set Your Air Conditioner Temp At 24 Degrees Celsius?

The Ministry of Power (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) has stated that all room air conditioner will have to ensure a default temperature setting of temperature in the appliances at 24 degrees Celsius from January 1st, 2020.

Here Is Why You Should Be Switching Power Off At The Wall

There are two different types of people when it comes to switching off power at the wall. Some people cannot help themselves and must flip the switch on an empty power socket. Others can have numerous appliances on standby and not give it another thought.

Video: Why Should You Keep the AC at 24° C?

About 20 billion units (Worth Rs 10,000 crore) can be saved by such measures. With a default setting of 24 degrees Celsius, financially a savings total of Rs 4,000 can be saved annually. However, increasing the temperature to 27 degrees Celsius can save the electricity bill by Rs 6,500 annually.

Can Solar Panels Withstand Queensland Hail Storms?

Golf ball sized hailstones, heavy rainfall and 100km/h wind gusts have battered communities that reside along the storm’s track leaving about 30 homes without roofs.

Tesla Gets Green Light For Curved & Flat Solar Roof Tile Manufacturing

The new design techniques might be adopted as Tesla works around the clock to release its first commercial version of the Tuscan-style solar roof tiles expected to be mass produced in numbers beyond the previous Tesla solar roof tiles already rolled out into the market.

Are Smart Bulbs Really As Smart As They Say They Are?

Smart Bulbs have become a holy grail these days even as more and more electronic stores allocate larger space to smart home products, the internet gets flooded with online stores offering smart bulbs; and hardwares get equipped with every kind of smart home product.

Buildings: Can They Help with Climate Change and Global Warming?

Thankfully buildings can be designed to keep heat out without contributing to this monster called global warming or climate change.

Tesla To Produce 1,000 Solar Roof Tiles Per Week

When Tesla first unveiled its Solar Roof Tiles some two years ago, the automakers promised to start volume production, deployment and installation by 2018. Unfortunately, the planned roll-out took a snail-pace forcing installation to be limited to homes of just a few executives and some customers.Fast forward to 2019, Tesla’s volume production is still delayed.

35% Of Australia’s Electricity To Be Clean Energy Within Two Years

Clean energy is expected to represent 35% of all Australia’s electricity needs in the next two years, analysts say, even as new statistics underscore the pace at which solar energy is transforming the country’s energy market.