How Is The Coronavirus Covid-19 Outbreak Affecting Australia’s Economy?

Retailers are preparing for the possibility of product shortages and drop in prices as Chinese factories cease operations. Commsec Senior Economist Ryan Felsman says that the severity of the impact felt by factory shutdowns remain unknown.

CLIMATE CHANGE: Where Are We And What Can We Do?

While one degree may sound like a negligible figure, the IPCC says if countries across the globe fail to act now, the world should prepare for catastrophic changes

Coronavirus: Storms, What Do We Know? Going In Public, Are You Safe?

On Monday, roughly 103 people died in Hubei province alone, the national global death toll as of Tuesday the 11th of February is at 1,017. However the number of new infections nationally was down almost 20% from the day before, from 3,062 to 2,478.

South East Queensland: Flash Flooding And Swiftwater Rescues

The flash floods occurred as various parts of South East Queensland recorded heavy torrential downpours.

What Is Australia’s Plan To Tackle Climate Change?

Ceasing coal production is deemed vital in stemming global warming to about 1.5C, yet the Australian government continues to support the industry for its contribution to the economy.


Extreme heat is expected to increase all across the Australian continent, and with significant increases in the duration, frequency and intensity of heatwaves in most regions.

AMP Fined $5.175 Million Over Dodgy ‘Insurance Churn’

the penalty applied by the Court today will act as a deterrent to AMP and other financial institutions to engage in such misconduct

Queensland Weather: Flooded Roads, Chaotic Traffic And More To Come!

This morning was filled with chaotic traffic across Brisbane with trapped vehicles, delays in public transport and power outages affecting road signals, as the heavy rain caused flooded roads.

QLD HEAT: Uncomfortable Temperatures Before Cooling Down

Queensland temperatures are on the rise and have topped 40 degrees Celsius on uncomfortably humid and sticky day, but the heat is not over yet. The aircons with get another tough workout before it begins to cool down.

Australia In 24 Hours: Golf Ball Sized Hail, Dust Storm And Lightning

Australia sure is one of a kind — from torrential rain and golf ball sized hail smashing down on recently razed firegrounds, to a fast moving dust storm leaving western New South Wales in daytime darkness. The weather across parts of Australia over the past 24 hours has been extreme.