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Services We Offer

Hail Guide

When was the last time that you checked your roof for hail damage? Don’t compromise your insurance policy or put your families safety at risk.

Storm Tracker

Early storm preparation starts with early storm alerts and warnings. Find out how you can be alerted when a severe storm is heading towards you.

Storm Protection

Protection can vary from electrical safety in your home, right through to your insurance policy and the fine print that describes your obligations.

Solar Power

Solar panels are built and engineered to withstand global weather conditions however Australia’s extreme weather conditions can differ.

House and Home

Most Australian’s know their home like the back of their hand. But do you know your rights, obligations and maintenance responsibilities?


Leasing a commercial premises that is exposed to Australia’s iconic hail storms, flooding or high wind gusts can lead to downtime during or after a storm event.

Building Only

Storm Assist is an insurance expert you can count on regardless of whether you’re a homeowner, real estate investor or individual just starting out; whatever threatens your building, we’ll help you cover it.

Small Business

Small to medium sized businesses have a responsibility and duty of care to ensure the safety of employees, contractors, customers and work sites.

Tropical Cyclones

If your home or business is situated in one of Australia’s tropical cyclone zones then it is important that you aware of the dangers and risks.


Don’t risk it! Subscribe to our weather alerts that warn you of the potential risks before a hail storm, cyclone or severe weather event.


Being left in the dark is manageable however exposing your loved ones to potential electrical hazards caused by a storm must be avoided at all costs.

Surge Protection

Despite power surges being unnoticeable brief, they can cause noticeable damage to electrical devices that are be connected to your mains power.


You’ve probably heard a lot about home standby generators, but why would you need one and how can it help your family or business?


Water damage to your home or business can go unnoticed until the walls and timber start to swell. Getting an assessment may uncover risks and incentives.


Whether you’re a landlord with a single property, multiple rentals, an estate or just leasing out your condo or home, we’ve got you covered with quotes for policies to cover your every need.

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